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Nutriplant SD & SL

Nutriplantâ„¢ SL is the liquid form of Nutriplantâ„¢ SD.
This micronutrient supplement is designed to mix with seeds prior to planting. Application is based on preference of a liquid (SL) or powdered (SD) application.

Once seeds germinate, roots will readily absorb this nutritional supplement for greater root growth, faster emergence, and increased crop yields.

Nutriplant AG 6-4-3

Nutriplantâ„¢ 6-4-3 AG is a liquid foliar nutritional supplement designed for use at specific stages of growth, when crops need the most support to help take in and use the nutrients they need.


APSA-80 Adjuvant is an agricultural wetting agent. APSA-80 has three main uses: one as an irrigation aid to the soil, second as a soil compaction aid, and third as a spray adjuvant for use with herbicide and pesticide sprays. By lowering the surface tension of water, APSA-80 can increase the rate at which water soaks into soil, reduce water losses due to evaporation and runoff, and increase crop yields.